The Trailer

A slow paced sidescrolling adventure/survival games with a small touch of old-school roguelikes.

You take the role of a small damaged spaceship, finding yourself in the middle of a vast cave system inside an alien planet.

Your mission is to find a way home. Explore the caverns to find a way to power up the great warpgate you came through, find upgrades that will improve your ship and learn to survive the dangers that can be found deep inside the caverns of Kappulus.

We are

a team consisting of seven members from PSQ and Dalarna University and have together developed Caverns of Kappulus under a period of nine weeks

Design & Programming
Billy Sköld

Björn Magnusson
Christian "Chris" Nordgren
Christoffer Ågren
Joel Jonsson

Martin Kristiansen

Sound FX
Anders Solem
Elias Borgelsson

How to install:
1. Install the UDKINSTALL-Setup_Kappulus
2. Go to the folder you installed the game and then in Binaries/win32 and open the UDK.exe file.
3. Enjoy the game